One beautiful summer day the floristic atelier “La Peonia” was involved in a romantic love story …

Our talented florists tried to make all the fabulous dreams of the bride Victoria real. The future happy wife took an active part in choosing the most suitable colors, shapes and shades for the wedding ceremony on her own.  Together we tried to create the special atmosphere of celebration.

The team of the atelier “La Peonia” creates in accordance with only one simple truth – the flowers are beautiful in themselves. It is important to take into account all wishes and pay special attention to details in our work, as we try to make a fairy tale come true. We used exotic luxurious orchids, delicate hydrangea, peony garden rose in this project, and as a result everything turned out very fancy and noble. Wedding floristry fit into the atmosphere of the “Gostiny Dvor 1812” especially beautifully. The ceremony was held at this luxurious complex, built in style of the XIX century.

We create this fairy tale with great pleasure. Communicating with brides and grooms, and often with their mothers, we look through a lot of different materials, come up with a concept, select all possible combinations of colors and details that make your event unforgettable! “La Peonia” florists express particular thanks for trust and pleasant joint work to the bridegroom Igor, the bride Victoria and the mother Anna!

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