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Состав композиции:    Гортензии, пион, роза pink Ohara, оксипеталум, роза David Austin Julliet анемон

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Instructions for freshness from La Peonia

If you want a bouquet or composition to enjoy the maximum amount of time, our care recommendations will help you:

– Make an oblique cut of the stems, at an angle of about 45 degrees, 2-3 cm with a sharp knife,

– Update the oblique cut of the stems with each change of water, which should be held daily,

– Fill the vase with clean cool water so that about 1/3 of the stems are in the water. Watch the amount of water in a vase; many flowers, such as tulips and peonies, consume it in large volumes,

– Pour water into the center of the flower once every 1-2 days as the floral sponge dries,

– Do not leave a bouquet without water for a while, more than 15 minutes,

– Do not leave bouquets and compositions in a car with an idle engine for a long time, especially in the hot and cold season,

-Do not carry bouquets and compositions on the street without insulation at temperatures below +2 degrees. Friends, if the bouquet wilted partially or completely too quickly, make sure how carefully you followed our recommendations!

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