Bouquet №64

Composition: Hortensia, Memoria Rose Lane, Malucella, Anthurium, Pink Peony, Ohara Rose, Leys Rose, Mattiola, Rubus

3 115.00 



Instructions for freshness from La Peonia

7 simple rules to preserve the beauty of the bouquet for a long time:

1. Make an oblique cut of the stems at an angle of about 45 degrees to 2-3 cm with a sharp knife;

2. Update the oblique cut of the stems with each daily change of water.

3. Fill the vase with clean cool water so that about 1/3 of the stems are in the water. Watch the amount of water in a vase – many flowers, for example, tulips and peonies consume it in large volumes;

4. Add water to the center of the flower composition every 1-2 days as the floral sponge dries;

5. Do not leave a bouquet without water for more than 15 minutes;

6. Do not leave bouquets and compositions in the car without air conditioning for a long time, especially in the hot and cold season;

7. Do not carry bouquets and compositions on the street without insulation at a temperature below +2 degrees.

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